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All This and a Glass of Water Too

"You mean to say... what we are doing, this traveling about, is like going to the beach?" Goner said. He stared at the glass of water on the table. 

"Not going to the beach, but something akin to that," Max replied. He dropped his pen into the glass of water and moved it to the center of the table. "You see the refraction?"

Goner lay his head on the table and looked at the glass.

"See how the top sticks out and once you see inside you can see that the angle is different," Max continued. "The angle seems off and jutting off to one side. Now look at where the pen is inserted in the water. What do you see?"

"Bubbles," Goner said. "A lot of tiny bubbles."

"Do you see what I am getting at?" Max asked.

Goner's eyes widened as a new thought hit him.