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Here Be Demons

Maggie shaded her eyes as she stepped from the building's shadow into the sunlight. Dust clouds rose about her bare feet and leaves danced wildly around her as she strode through the empty street. 

It only took a few moments for her mind to take in the scenery. She had to shake off the lag that sometimes followed a shift. Now she knew how that character in that show felt leaping from body to body. The name of the show eluded her at the moment.

While Maggie stood there thinking about the show, a huge influx of people came running towards her. They washed around her like a wave of water going out to sea. 

What in the heck was happening?

She stood still for a moment; she realized that she was dressed in her pyjamas. Maybe, she thought, she was lucid dreaming again.

A small girl stopped in front of her, looking at her. A look of sheer awe was on her face. 

"What is it?" Maggie asked the girl.

"Are you an angel sent to help us?" the girl asked honestly. "You are very beautiful."

Maggie smiled. "I just might be," she replied and tousled the girl's hair. She squatted down before the girl so that she was seeing her eye to eye. "What seems to be the problem?"

The girl pointed to beyond the hill. 

"The demons are there." She said

"What demons?"

"The ones that came in the night. They ripped a hole in the sky and fell into the ground," the little girl stated matter of factly.

Maggie glanced to the hill. And nodded.

"You should go find your mother," she told the girl. "I've got some work to be doing, and you are not going to like what happens."

She left girl behind her and walked towards the hill. She reached behind her and pulled out a chrome Desert Eagle pistol. She checked to see that it was loaded. Engraved along the side of the barrel was: To Mags From Max.

"Let's just see what these demons are," she muttered to herself. As she crested the ridge she could make out the horde.

"Buro!" she whispered, as if a foul taste had entered her mouth.