Current Transmissions:


A Shift in Time Saves Something Something

His body had that numb feeling, the feeling of millions of small needles jabbing into his skin. It was happening again. 

"Here you go, Max," the waitress said as she placed a ceramic mug in front of him. "Just the way you like it."

"Thanks Julia," Max replied. He paid her with a bill from his jeans. She smiled at him when he added, "Keep the change."

He saw the wave coming, as he sat in the coffee shop and brought the ceramic cup to his lips to taste the brew and savour it. It was the perfect blend of coffee and he didn't know if it would be same in the next few seconds. He could see the subtle changes, but the rest of the world was completly oblivious to the changes. One second a woman was crossing the street, with a child in tow. The next fraction of a second she was walking a great dane.

He felt a great sadness inside him, knowing that a life had been lost and the mother's memory of the child was wiped clean, like diagrams on a blackboard being erased.

He noticed that a pinky ring had appeared on his finger, materializing like a transporter effect in a cheezy sci-fi show. There weren't many differences occuring in the shift. After the wave hit and washed over him, he was sitting in a corporate coffee franchise, instead of an independent cafe. Could have been worse.

He placed the styrofoam cup on the table before him, the logo of the cup stating what company he was drinking from. He caught a reflection of himself in the mirror; he was wearing a purple suit, and a deep purple tie. He adjusted the tie. 

He glanced at his watch, it was a rolex now. He shook his head, a wry smirk came over his face like a December morning.

The sound of an elevator arriving made him glance back. Looking at the wall where old posters had once adorned it, there was a set of shiny doors sliding open. There was Mags. She was dressed in a business power suit, looking more like a corporate lawyer than the butt-kicking, pistol-packing badass that she was.

She spotted him and she shook her head as she approached, with briefcase in her hand. 

"Well, I wonder what this one will bring," Mags said. She gave him a hug and a peck on the cheek. 

"Don't know but be prepared," he said as he looked outside and saw several dark sedans pulling to a screeching halt. "I do think we are about to be paid a visit."