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Man Falls Through Tent, Tumbles Elephant 

Kutchapka Republic - Olikian police were investigating an incident at a circus on Saturday that sent one of the giant mammals crashing into the audience.

Amazingly the only victim of the accident was a 27-year-old man who was treated at a hospital and released, said police spokesperson Romalli Vodan.

"There was something like a giant popping sound and then there was a rip and suddenly this man falls from the sky," said Mikellen Jestry, a witness to the event. "He had short blonde hair, kind of spiky, and stood about 6 feet tall."

The elephant toppled out of the ring after a huge popping sound was heard, and a man fell from the ceiling of the tent, landing on the elephant during Thursday night's performance.

"The elephant was struck in the head, lost its balance and fell into the audience," Vodan said. "Police are still investigating the matter. We are trying to contact this individual who fell through the tent."

Though there is no hole in the ceiling of the tent, it is suspected that the man must of been climbing along the outside at the moment before the accident.

The young man hasn't been seen since his release form the hospital.