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Beyond the Limits of Vision

Her eyes glossed over and she shuddered. She knew something was going to happen and when it did her world would change again. It always did when she got this feeling; she couldn't remember what happened prior to that, but she would always get these strange, fragmented dreams that didn't make much sense. She came back out of the semi-trance.

"Ever felt that there was something else in the world?" Maggie asked. "Something beyond your limit of vision, something that you were meant for but were too mundane to see it?"

The question left the group of girls silent, all of them staring at her like she had dropped a ball in a football game. Around them the low murmur of the crowd could still be heard, like background static on a radio show.

"What do you mean, Mags?" Kristella asked. She was just a grade younger than Maggie.

"Oh, here she goes being a Brodie again," Deborah muttered. "Don't get her going Kris, she's off on one of her dindy dreams."

The girls all sat around the cafeteria table, their uniforms pleated and pressed. Sister Mary was patrolling the upper tier, so the girls where clear to discuss whatever struck their fancy until the penguin returned.

Maggie didn't bat an eye at Deborah, but continued on her merry train of thought. "The world itself is a mystery. With events and new discoveries happening every day."

"Yeah," said Edith. "My dad heard this radio broadcast last night that nearly scared the hell out of him, until he found out that it was just a play by Orson Welles. Until the end of the broadcast he thought the we were being invaded!"