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Crisis In Infinite Plexes - Echo Squared


Please stop, Angst thought. There was only static coming through the cell phone now. The bathroom was still empty. Max was gone. Angst wasn't a quitter but she needed things to pause; maybe after seven years she was just out of practice with the violence and lunacy and chaos. Maybe I can't do this anymore.

But then she realized that things had stopped...

Thirty seconds earlier Suki shouted, "Here they come!" as the mysterious agents launched their final assault on the motel room.

Right when Goner and Frank finally returned, the stolen car swerving into the parking lot, crashing into one of the agents' vehicles, crushing one of the agents, the engine revving and tires squealing, Frank at the wheel ready to drive into more of the attackers. The car was the only weapon they had; the equipment cache they were hoping to find didn't exist in this version.

"Thatta boy Frankie!" Suki shouted, firing her gun, the agents firing back.

Frank spun the wheel and swiped two more agents but they were still outnumbered and outgunned. Bullet holes erupted in the front and rear windshields. Goner cracked his knuckles, knowing they'd have to jump out soon and go hand-to-hand. Frank had seen Suki returning fire but not Angst...

Then the damnedest thing happened. A stuttering flash of light, a sound like thunder, and a subway car tore into the parking lot, materializing out of thin air, crashing onto the pavement, sparks flying, slamming into and scattering a lot of the attackers. And before it had skidded to a stop, the doors slid apart and Aqua and Akimoto, her in her signature cowboy hat, him wearing his trademarked army jacket/tropical shirt combo, leapt out, Akimoto swinging his broadsword and Aqua throwing punches with her gauntlets.

When Angst stepped out of the bathroom her friends were gathered in the parking lot, in the calm after the carnage, the sound of sirens fading in. She looked at Aki and Aqua and at the subway car. 

Everyone was smiling.

"I guess things are about to get weird," she said, and joined them.

"Sing it," Suki said.