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Crisis In Infinite Plexes - Anomaly Squared


"Please stop!" Charlotte whispered harshly as she adjusted the costume. Mick was fidgety, more nervous than he wanted to admit. Marshal was in full-blown stage-fright but trying to deep-breathe it away. Simon actually looked relaxed, but he had swallowed two pink pills about fifteen minutes ago.

Miguel dropped down from one of the lighting scaffolds. "They're starting to get restless."

They all looked to Suki. She looked up from her clipboard. Frank could tell that they all wanted her to give the go ahead but he knew that she wouldn't until Mallory had called. The show didn't start until the director told them all to "break a leg", whether she was backstage or in the hospital.

The murmurs of dissatisfaction were growing louder from the audience.

Frank believed in the play that they were about to perform, but he also knew that it was a risky piece and that if they started off with a grumpy, hostile audience that it might not work. Something needed to happen.

Then Marnie stepped in - she always entered as if there was a spotlight shining on her. Vlad was flanking her, holding up a CD.

"He's got the music of To Be Continued," she said with a sly smirk. If she was bothered that Vlad had a copy of her only hit single with her vocals removed it didn't show. "It'll buy us four and half minutes, five with applause."

Suki grinned. "Sing it."