Current Transmissions:


C2IP - WaveAnomalyEcho Cubed

The sound of static fading...

“Hello Max,” Control said.

“What do you want?” Max asked.

“Relax for a second. It was very hard for me to reach you, but we have time now. Have a coffee. I don't mind if you smoke.”

Max poured himself a cup of coffee. He wasn't sure that he smoked anymore. He took a sip. “It was really hard for me to get here, too. What's going on? Things feel stranger since...”

Purgatory,” Control said. “Max, I need you to consider the possibility that you are still in Purgatory.”

Max had considered it. He took another sip of coffee.

“Max,” Control said. “I need you to consider the possibility that you are still in the motel room, with the laptops.”

Max had considered it. He took another sip of pop.

“Max,” Control said. “I need you to consider the possibility that you are still in the Lab.”

Max always considered it. He took another sip of tea.

Control glanced at the screens on the wall. “Alright then... Max, it's time that... You need to be made aware of something called The System. It is an organization that seeks to govern plureality. Using advanced Neo-Linguistic Programming, Noo Media techniques and Omega Magic it attempts to participate in the versioning process in such a way that allows it to direct and exploit the possibilities of Noo-Mo Omniism in accordance with its own agenda, the main goal of which is to sustain itself at all costs.”

“They sound like Legacy.”

“The System is what agencies like Legacy, MJ-13 and MK-Omega aspire to be. It operates on an entirely different level. Its activities can manifest as overt authoritarianism or subtle forms of oppression. Its operations are both visible and invisible. It created the Subway, the Elevator, the UFO and the XXXXXXXXX using technology stolen from The They. A great deal of the information that travels between versions is controlled by The System.”

“And you work for them...?”

“There is another organization, designated the Counter-System. Its agenda is even less clear, but it often acts in ways that mediate or even contradict the workings of The System while using many of the same methods. It is suspected that the Counter-System may be involved in maintaining key elements of Continuity as a form of resistance to The System's ultra-colonial goals. For instance, locations such as the Diner, the Bookstore, and the Brownstone. Or items such as uniforms and weapons. It is the likely source of the Metafesto. It may also be behind a pirate data broadcast known as 'Faux News'.”

“Okay, so you work for them...?”

“Current analysis suggests that the Subway has been under the control of a Counter-System operative known as Bishop for quite some time. The System recently undertook a direct action to retake the Subway. It has also deployed a squad of agents to capture a team of Dragons, although that order appears to have been upgraded to kill.”

Max frowned. “So? So why are you telling me all this? After all this time? If any of it is even true.”

“The System is on the move, Max. It is reacting to something. Something is coming. A threat. I'm telling you this as a favour. 

"As a warning.”