Current Transmissions:


Crisis In Infinite Plexes - Wave Squared

The dragon is discovered.

The transmission is received.

The powers are merged.

The grave is opened.

The object is decoded.

And Max doses on Plex and enters the Portal.


As Aqua was about to throw the first punch there was suddenly light coming in the windows on her right side - a station! But the subway car was not slowing down, in seconds it would clear the platform and return to the dark. 

In those seconds one of the windows smashed inwards, Aqua dropped into a crouch, the man turning in surprise, and Akimoto crashed into the car, thudding into one of the poles in the aisle, keeping his footing amidst the sprinkling shards of glass.

The man produced a pistol from inside his jacket and with a smooth, simple motion of his broadsword Akimoto chopped the man's hand off. The subway had passed through the station and was back in the dark of the tunnel. Aqua felt a strange pulse of emotions about having missed a chance to stop and exit the car, but she didn't let it distract her from launching a massive Superman-punch at the man as he watched his hand fall away from his wrist. He quickly joined his hand in a bloody pile on the floor.

"Check on Bishop!" Aqua shouted - the noise of the train was louder through the broken window. She began searching the body of the man. Generic dark clothing, generic weapon and ammunition, no identification or markings. For some reason he reminded her of those agents that Jason Bourne was always running up against in the movies.

"He's breathing!" Akimoto reported. 

Aqua adjusted her cowboy hat. "What's going on, big man?"

"I'm on a mission from the gods!" the barbarian roared, a wild look in his eyes. "We have to rally the Dragons!"

"And how do we do that?" She looked at the unconscious body of Bishop.

Akimoto grinned. "Play your favourite song on that tiny music maker of yours and hold on." 

He looked at the emergency stop button.