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Neo Static: Begin At the Beginning

88 years from now...

The blast doors looked like they were ripped from their casing. The passage beyond was nothing but pitch black. Lore flashed his light down the corridor to reveal a floor littered with garbage and blood splattered about like a Jackson Pollack painting.

“It looks like we've arrived too late,” Ruffo stated, her voice thick with disgust. “You all know the drill; let's see what we can salvage.”

Ruffo looked at the dozen-or-so soldiers; they were as hardened a bunch of misfits as had ever graced the wasteland. They had been in very tight situations before and managed to fight their way out.

“Be careful,” she barked the order. “Anyone who does anything stupid will pay dearly.”

They all knew what she meant. One couldn't be too careful these days. 

They broke off into two teams with Ruffo leading one squad and her junior officer, Ksenych, leading the other as they entered the establishment. Moving like ancient hunters over a freshly frozen lake she led them down the main corridor to the station's main room. It was getting to be more routine for her team to find a base that had been hit hard. She doubted that they would find any survivors, since there were no signs of bodies anywhere at all.

Not more than a few short hours ago this facility was in full operation. Two dozen eggheads and their security team stationed in a remote wilderness location. This team was trying to unlock secrets of the past in order to see how they could get them to work and gain a better understanding of the technology that their grandparents had used. Things like a small audio device that could hold thousands of hours of music, communicating with each other not only around the world but elsewhere as well.

“Captain,” Lastings called out. “Lastings here. You ain't going to believe what we found.”

“Be there in three,” Ruffo replied. She nodded at the others to fall behind.