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Neo Static: Begin At The Beginning II

They were four hundred feet underground in the Biodome lab, where the trees, gardens, and flora, along with a fauna or two, were kept. Ruffo entered through a huge freight door as she spotted Lastings, Katt and Booker standing around a huge vat.

"Look what we have here," Lastings acknowledged Ruffo and pointed to a large container. "Booker discovered the markings on it. Is this what we are looking for?"

"Damned if I know," Ruffo said as she inspected the crate. "I only follow orders, Corporal, not inquire on what the hell to do with 'em."

Ruffo inspected the container. It was larger than man-sized and wider as well. It had a series of dials and a row of tiny lights flashing along the side.

"Could be a storage container," Katt spoke up.

"Or could be a bomb," Ruffo interjected.

Though she could make out the words along the top: