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Neo Static: Receiving End

There were several potatoes on the table; each had a copper wire, nails, and copper pennies hooked up together like some primary school science project. Womack had to admire the work and detail, and she had a hunch that Max was up to something major. Sure his brain would fizz out to somewhere else every now and then but when it got back down to earth he was in his element.

"... and make sure you wrap the copper wire around the nails making a coil," Max told the others.

"Christ on a pony," Franklin said. "Makes me think I should have listened more during science class."

"Then what's next?" Nestor asked.

"I send a signal and we can get our asses back into the game, Frank," Max replied as he had forgotten where he was for the moment. He stopped and looked around at the others. "...lin."

Womack finished up wrapping the last of the nails in her row; she knew Max was a special brand of crazy and he was good when the going got bad. Since they were here under special orders by the upper echelon she guessed that they were saving him for the last, a sort of endgame surprise.

Max flipped the switch.