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The Parcel

"Can you move?" Max asked.

"That I can," Frank replied. He sat up and reached up to take Max's arm.

The box was made from metal, a metal that Goner didn't recognize; it was smooth like silk to the touch and the weight of it was very light. He and Frank had picked it up and a jolt, which looked like lightning, had hit Frank in the chest and sent him flying against the bulkhead. The box dropped but there was a rustling sound coming from within as if something was alive.

"What the hell," Goner said. "Is there something in there?" 

Maggie emerged from the other room when she heard the clatter and her mouth dropped open.

"Is this it?" Max asked her. He had pulled out Pain and Joy and aimed them at the box.

"Sweetie," Maggie said to him as she brushed past him, waving him to put away his children back into their holsters. "Those things wouldn't penetrate its skin, even with the Pope's blessing."