Current Transmissions:


Am I?

I am the night
I am the moon
I am the calling of the loon

I am the sun
I am the stars
I am the gasoline in your car

I am Me
I am You
I am the person next to you

I am who I am
That's what I am.

Maggie put the piece of paper back down on the table and glanced around the apartment. There was no sign of Max. He had called her up fifteen minutes ago; his voice had sounded strange and weird, like someone talking in a huge empty room.

She walked into the bedroom and saw that it was made, as if it hadn't been slept in. She noticed the ashtray by the bed had one broken unsmoked cigarette in it.

"Weird," she muttered.

"Weird," a voice echoed back from another room.

Maggie left the bedroom and entered the living room. That's where she saw Taku sitting on his perch in the cage.

"I suppose you don't know what happened here," she asked the parrot.

"Weird," Taku replied back.