Current Transmissions:



Frank answered his phone. Suki answered her phone. The rain was heavy, the sky dark, cracked with lightning strikes. 

They both hung up at the same time. Looked at each other. 

She's just a kid, Frank thought. She never should have been brought into this mess

He's too old, Suki thought. He shouldn't have to do this kinda stuff anymore

“You first, Suki.” 

“After you, Frank.” 

Thunder. They were soaked. 

“It was Mags,” he said. “She's at the crossroads of Eighth and Tenth. There's an entire horde manifesting there – infernals, oni, yaoguai, vucari – and if we don't get over there to back her up the entire city will fall. Maybe even the planet.” 

Suki nodded. “It was Max. He's at the crossroads of Ninth and Twelfth. All the synchronicities and calculations are showing that the portal is going to open there. If we don't make it in time...” 

“We could be trapped. Or disappear. Or this whole version could disintegrate. Or the next version could collapse.” 

“Can Maggie retreat?” 

“Not an option. Can Max wait?” 

Suki shook her head. Lightning, more thunder. 

Which way do we go? they thought.