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Mr. Clean's Team

"Canada," Grimm said. "What a shithole."

Grimm had been looking out the window and all he could see was the white fury of mother nature. He hated coming here because it always seemed like it was winter. Like permanent winter and he hated the cold.

Percy laughed and then added, "Say, didn't you date a girl from here?"

Percy looked like he still should be in high school with his boyish good looks. To Grimm he looked like that actor on that 90210 show that was on decades back. 

Alannah X chimed in. "Yeah, what was her name.... Minnow?"

Alannah X was extremely beautiful; she was Cree and her long raven hair was tied up in a pony tail with a feather hanging from it. Her green eyes were a rare feature for a native american.

"Mignon," Grimm barked. "It was Mignon you morons."