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Fables Of An Invisible Being

Maggie placed the book down that she was reading. Fables of an Invisible Being: The Life and Times of Daniel Kaye-Silence. It was an intriguing read and something that hit home with her. This was the third novel in the series; the first was Invisibility Zero which discussed the realities around us that had been fractured to a point where nothing was what it seemed and that our mind processes into something that we can comprehend. It reminded her of a 'Star Trek: Voyager' episode when Q explained the Continuum to Capt. Janeway.

She let out a little chuckle on that note. She took a sip of her tea and glanced around the room; the lodge itself was quiet this time of night, many of the others here were either in bed early to hit the slopes or at Snicker's Shack dancing to the funky groove by the house DJ there.

The second book by Kaye-Silence was Rooms Within A Room: Paradoxical Viewing which explained in detail how trace elements of other realities can be anchored in all versions of itself. The author went on into minute details of how water was the element of life and immersing completely opened the pores on the body and created new awarenesses.

"Is that any good?" Colleen Anikos asked as she approached from the desk and took a seat across from Maggie. "I'm reading Invisibility Zero now."

Maggie smiled and nodded. "It's interesting to say the least."