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Break Time

 Maggie was happy to be sitting by the hearth letting the warmth cascade over her body, chasing the coldness away. Outside the north wind picked up some, blowing snow against the window. She really disliked this time of year but beggars couldn't be choosers and she lived with the hand that she was dealt.

She brought up a mug of tea to her lips, let the aroma entice her nose, unlocking codes of pleasant peaceful thoughts to her brain like a safe-cracker at an old bank vault.

She was tired and sore and needed a good long bath but at this particular moment in time she was simply content to sip tea and listen to the wind howl. She brought her feet up and placed them on the foot stool before her, then she sipped the herbal tea: green tea with a hint of peppermint. She let out a simple ah, since the tea seemed to dance over her taste buds.

Maggie closed her eyes and thought about the events that had led her here.

She smiled.

"A penny for your thoughts," a young gentleman on the make said.

"Silly boy," she said without opening her eyes. "Don't you know there's no such things as pennies here."