Current Transmissions:


Mr. Clean's Team II

Grimm looked at the hologram face of the target. A woman who seemed to be in her late 20's or early 30's with a very angelic looking face. He was wondering why a huge team was needed for such a fragile looking woman.

"Pretty," Percy spoke. "Too bad we got to put her down."

Alannah X glanced at the hologram; she had seen it a few times before. She loved to study the face of her targets. Alannah was thorough and had read the bio of their target. "She's extremely dangerous, she has a kill list of 3,000+ confirmed."

"Sweet Jesus, that many?" Percy inquired. 

"15 minutes til contact," the pilot interjected.

Grimm shut down the hologram. Alannah reached behind her and flicked on the red light as the normal lighting went off. Time to get their game faces on.