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The Book Club

".... and so on that note he seems to think that he is a person made up of thousands, possibly millions, of the same soul," Maggie said. "Like one person made up of a colony of organisms."

"...orgasms?" Colleen questioned.

Both Maggie and Colleen stopped and then they shared a chuckle.

A common bond of reading seem to weave a friendship as they chatted about ideology and what Kaye-Silence was really up to. The cover of Fables of an Invisible Being showed a city and what looked like a homeless guy leaning up against a building; the city scene reminded Maggie of New York City. She missed New Amsterdam, having been there since the beginning and...


Colleen ordered a coffee, black, from a passing waiter. He smiled and nodded and went off to the dining room.

"Do you mind if I borrow the book once you're finished?" Colleen inquired. She had seen a bookmark toward the end of the novel.

"Once I'm finished with it, it's yours," Maggie replied.