Current Transmissions:


Defrag: Black Magick


A few minutes passed. Nothing changed in the city. Someone was on the balcony of the apartment to the left, one storey up. It looked like they were talking on a cell phone. 

Something made a shattering sound from the kitchen. Max dashed inside to the bedside table, scrambling for his gun. There was no gun. 

Why would you own a gun? 

Max ran into the kitchen. It was empty. 

Why would there be someone here? 

Max sighed. He sat down on the couch, flipped open the laptop. Typed. 

Your love is a pareidolia. 

There was a loud sound outside, a huge sound. Max dashed back onto the balcony. He was starting to feel dizzy. There were explosions in the city. The figure on the other balcony was pointing into the sky, shouting something. 

Max watched the explosions getting closer, screams and sirens rising like a choir.