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Defrag: The Awakening Moment


He decided on the direct approach and exited the motel room with both pistols raised, marching steadily towards the car. A coffee truck was parked at the corner and the driver shouted at the sight of an armed man in the street, as the sedan doors opened and three more armed men appeared, wearing the latest datacore clubwear, sleek and shiny like their computer-modded SMGs. 

And then a kid on a skateboard suddenly skidded to a stop between Max and the triggermen. Everything paused and the kid shouted, “Sufrir mi furia justiciera!” Suddenly the gunmen collapsed, shaking, blood running from their eyes and ears. 

“Morning Darius,” Max said, holstering Joy and Pain. “That's new.” 

Darius smiled. “I was getting tired of Latin, so I started learning Spanish.” 

“Cool. Any idea who?” He gestured at the defeated mooks. 

“The Manticore Crew. One of the new Legend gangs. They hired a freelance sorceress, which is probably how they tracked you down. But I had a vision during my morning prayer, tipping me off.”

Max nodded. “Well then, coffee's on me.”