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Defrag: Just Like Me, Maybe...


Angst raised the gun and squeezed the trigger. It was easier this time, more of the bullets went where she wanted them to. Maggie stood beside her, her foot braced against Angst's, like an anchor, all of her bullets going exactly where she wanted them to. 

Heads exploded, arms tore off, chests exploded. But they kept coming and kept getting closer. 

“Come on, Angst!” Maggie shouted. “Gimmie a K! I said give me a K!” 

Bullets and gore, flashing and stinking in the dark. 

“K!” she shouted. 

By the time Mags got her through K, I, L, L, T, H, and E the horde had stopped. Angst was crying and shaking, but she was reloading. “Now... Now you give me a why...” 

Maggie smirked but her eyes were soft. “This one is pretty simple. Those things were bad and they needed to be stopped. It won't always be this clear or straightforward.” She placed a hand on the younger woman's shoulder. “Or this violent.” 

Angst sniffed and nodded.