Current Transmissions:


Defrag: At the Billboard of Broken Dreams


(takes a sip, then his attention is caught by the billboard) 

Silence is a nice soundtrack, Frankie. 

MAX closes his eyes. 

This image... It changed. 

MAGS springs to her feet, katana in her hand, quickly kissing MAX on the top of his head, turning and raising her blade as the strange beings emerge from the billboard. MAX flicks his cigarette and snatches up his pistols, leaping off the platform and turning in the air to fire back at the invaders.

(drops his beer and draws a pistol from his jacket) 
It was nice while it lasted. 

MAGS being swarmed, her katana slashing. MAX falling backwards, firing, his cigarette falling beside him. The beer can dropping through the air, FRANK sighting on the head of the bizarre alien beast.