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Defrag: Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting


Suddenly the light of the Godhammer flickered out. 

“Shit,” Max said. 

“Max, what's going on?” Suki asked, her voice uncharacteristically nervous. It reminded him just how young she was. 

A hundred calculations bloomed and decayed in Max's mind, there was a silvery, fluid feeling in his stomach. He knew that meant that his chakras were fluctuating. What was negating her weapon? Was it related to Mode's warehouse? What would reassure her? Should they abort the raid against Mode? Would Goner actually relax more without the weird weapon working? Would Suki be safe without the gun? The mission objectives were changing. 

Everything is going to change, Cube, but not enough to keep you safe. 

“Okay guys, Ariadne Protocol. Tell him how you found the Godhammer, Suki. I'm going in by myself, stealthy like.” 

No one knew how Suki found the gun; it was one of the dozens of lost or forgotten truths that they all lived with. The story she chose to tell, however, would keep her and Goner linked, bound up in the tale and the telling, like a spell, in case there was some kind of shift, and hopefully they wouldn't be separated. And Max would use any synchronicities about weapons to follow like breadcrumbs leading him back to her (the last time they had used a version of the Godhammer story Max had reunited with Suki at the Excalibur Cafe). 

First things first, though. Put a stop to Angus Mode's latest transaction in corrupt psychic weapons systems.