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Defrag: Only Death Can Save You Now/Cube Hype


And previously... 

The troll roared, Max felt dizzy. 

“And what do you think the troll symbolizes?” Madison asked him. 

Max ducked a swipe from a massive fist. 

“You don't think the running-out-of-ammo is the more revealing metaphor, Susan?” another voice asked. 

Max tried to roll inside the creature's reach but he ended up just laying down. He was exhausted. 

“I told you, my name is Madison Hall. Dr. Longfellow does not work at this facility.” 

“Max,” the other voice said. “You have to get up.” 

The troll raised its fist again. 

“I really don't want to.” 

The troll smashed him. 

The room on the other side of the glass was empty suddenly. 

“Damn,” Madison said. “He's disappeared again. This is never going to work.” 

“He's probably just going to finish off the troll. He'll be back,” the voice said. 

Madison sighed. “Okay... Let's boot up the Angst program in the meantime and see if we can't decode some more of the cheerleader symbolism.”