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Defrag: Bring Two


Half an hour later he was finishing the first donut with a smile. “Thanks, Cal.” 

“You're welcome,” Callan said. “I feel more than a little responsible for you being stuck here.” 

“Don't be ridiculous. You needed back-up to stop whatever the hell that was, and I told you to call me anytime. It's not your fault the – what did you call them?” 


“That they set the building on fire.” 

“If you hadn't intervened with the police, the truth may have come out. Which would have had further undesirable consequences.” 

“Like us being sent to the looney bin.” Dex smiled again, bit into the second donut. “Callan, I don't pretend to have clue what is going on with all this weird, mystical stuff. Between your Guàiwù and Darius' Undead I am way outta my depth these days. But I figure I became a cop to stop bad things from happening to people and this qualifies.” 

Callan nodded. “There has been an alarming rise in manifestations of ancient evils lately... However, if I may speak honestly, my real concern is not with the return of forces from the past but with the arrival of... even stranger forces from the future.” 

Dex had been a detective for years now. He had the instincts. “You're talking about Max.”