Current Transmissions:


Operation Macrocosm

Brogan tapped the screen on the table and the holo-display shifted to a new view. "Obviously timing is even more critical than usual. The coordination over such a large distance is part of what makes their ritual so genius, but so difficult to sabotage."

Viking grunted. "All three of us could hit one site and the whole thing falls apart."

Brogan smiled. "As always, your 'blunt instrument' approach is appreciated, but Objective One is to commandeer the ritual to our purposes. We want them to get as far as establishing the scaffolding, channeling the flow, and priming the delivery system -" With each point he tapped the screen and the display highlighted a different data-set. "- but then we want to divert the incoming Mana to a target of our choosing."

"So," Gauntlet interjected. "That will mean one of us at the airport, one at the resort and one at the stadium, with three separate counter-spells, simultaneous deployment, and completely covert."

Brogan nodded. "Or else they clue in and call it off themselves."

Gauntlet sighed. "You don't lack for vision, Mirk."

"And the new target will be?" Cube asked.

"That will already be encoded in the counter-spells. You just need to get there and cast."

Gauntlet said, her voice dancing the line between sincere and sarcastic, "Sounds like fun."

-- File Excerpt --
0903: Gauntlet casts counter-spell at Location Alpha. Viking casts counter-spell at Location Beta. Cube casts counter-spell at Location Delta.

0904: MK-Omega Satellite [Designation Hermit] tracks massive spikes in Mana [Types 7, 8, 17] at Locations Alpha, Beta, Delta.

0905: Hermit registers successful re-direction of Mana-flow to Target XXXXXXX.

0906: Cube begins exfil. Viking begins exfil. Gauntlet compromised, begins tactical engagement with opposition forces.

0907: Gauntlet clear, begins exfil.

0910: Local ground team confirms Target eliminated.