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Operation Prometheus Unbound

-- File Excerpt --

Mission Overview
Hermit Satellite has confirmed the wreckage of a military-grade naval vessel off the coast of XXXXXXXXX [political affiliation unconfirmed] carrying a substantial amount of Type 20 Mana [source/configuration of Mana unconfirmed – possible link to recent archeological activity on mainland XXXXXXXXX]. Callsigns Viking and Cube deployed to site for containment and retrieval, Callsign Gauntlet coordinating remotely from Bisaillon Station.

Objective One: Prevent the Mana from being acquired by locals or competing interests.
Objective Two: Retrieve Mana and exfil to Station [Viking].
Objective Three: Investigate possible link to archeological activity [Cube].

Small talk on the plane.

“Back in the Forsvarets Spesialkommando, my unit would play Dungeons & Dragons during R&R.”

“That's awesome,” Cube said.

“I had a 12th Level Barbarian,” Viking continued. “I know, what a surprise.” He chuckled. “The adventures we would have together, in some ways they felt just as real as the missions we were assigned.”

Cube nodded. “I get that. I've cried more watching 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' than I have at any funeral I've been to.”

Viking sighed. “And then MK-O recruited me, and there was all the conditioning, the drugs, the simulations... I became less sure than ever what was real and what wasn't.”

“But you keep searching...”

“The Quest continues – I suppose that's what my Barbarian would say.”