Current Transmissions:


Operation Tomb Raider

-- File Excerpt --

0203: Hostiles eliminated.

0204: Field Team arrives at front gate. Gauntlet maintaining cloak, Viking on overwatch, Cube bypasses defenses [mission-issued super-coolant for the physical lock, corrosive visualization trancework for the astral sensors].

0206: Field Team enters Villa.

0208: Floor One cleared.

0209: Basement cleared.

0210: Field Team approaches Chamber. Gauntlet drops cloak and performs Type 7 enchantment to access the Chamber. Viking performs Heimdall invocation and resumes overwatch.

0211: Gauntlet and Cube enter the Chamber and go dark.

“Three minutes for me to copy the text,” Cube said as he began scanning the first page of the Grimoire. “No one can hear us in here, so go ahead and say what you want to say.”

“I think you're the one who's been waiting to say something,” Gauntlet fired back.

Cube kept scanning the pages. He didn't want this to be a battle. “Okay, okay... Why don't we start with... All those things you saw and felt when MK-Omega was first training you for the Cadre, all those hallucinations and visions...”

Gauntlet remembered some of them, still had nightmares.

“They were real,” he told her. “Or parts of them were. I'm pretty sure, anyway.”

Gauntlet resisted the urge to deny it, maybe because they saw things (almost) as strange on every mission, maybe for another reason... “Is that why you murdered your first handler?” It was a counter-attack of sorts.

Cube looked up at her, hands still turning the pages, moving the scanner. “I don't... Well, it's why I'm going to murder Brogan.”

There was a moment when things felt violent. She asked “Why?” instead.

“Because I've met him before, I think, or a version of him. And I'm fairly certain that he's directing the Cadre towards his own agenda. That he wants the power for himself.”

0214: Gauntlet and Cube exit the Chamber. Exfil protocol initiated.