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The Stranger In A Stranger Land

The winds were terrible this time of the year. Howling outside and blowing snow like a banshee. It was winter in the city and everyone around him was complaining about a little snow and a little wind.

What soft, weak people these tomorrow people have become.

He had experienced worse having survived several years in the bitter north, walking the landscape, a ronin alone in the world, looking for a place to call home. He had heard tales of strange events happening across the country but he wasn't sure if he should look into them, since none of it was his concern to begin with.

After all, he had stumbled upon this strange world by accident and it had taken a long while to get accustomed to it. The wonders he had seen, the technology as well, were enough to stagger even the mind of the shaman and the witch back in his home land, his own time.

There was an evil in this world, a manifestation that was so brutal and vile, and it showed in the people's faces, though he didn't know how to go about fighting it. The people in this time seemed accustomed to it and resigned to their fate, accepting it.

He was a stranger in a strange land, resigned to an unknown fate.

"Another one, big fellow?" the petite girl asked him.

He nodded.

The bartender placed another beer in front of him.