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Callan's Calling

"Order up," Susanna said as she approached the counter and slapped the bell.

Callan looked up from the grill and flashed her a smile. "Comin' up."

It was busy at the diner; it was always busy around lunch time. When the suits from the corporate offices would pop in for their $86 hamburger and fries.

But, I guess with pricing like that it kept the riff raff out.

Callan flipped the burgers on the grill and checked the fries to see if the spices where needed. He worked his magic with it, and he was glad that he didn't have any help in the kitchen as he often used tricks and spells to conjure up these tasteful dishes.

He was what they called in the culinary world a Grand Master Chef. Callan had been noticed when he was working at a Chinese restaurant and then featured on the reality show "A Chef's Chef". He had found his calling, cooking up dishes with such skill and ease it seemed like magic, and basically that was what it was. He had tapped into the world where such chef's were sorcerers of the trade, making beautiful meals out of liver, onions and vegetables into edible heavens on earth.

He put two dishes up on the counter. "Ready!"

Susanna shot him a smile and gave him a wink; she really didn't know how he did it but she wasn't going to complain since the tips she was getting were paying the bills and her paycheck was just an added bonus.

"You've got to tell me how you do it," she said as she picked up the delicious entrees.

Callan leaned to the counter, glanced around to make sure no one was listening, and said with whisper and a smile, "'Ancient Chinese secret'."