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Like Water For Chocolate

"You should ask him out," Mayganne said.

Aqua stood there looking at her and contemplated the statement. Mayganne could see the little wheels turning behind those eyes of hers and thought the hamster was working overtime. Then she let out a chuckle with that image in her head.

"What's so funny?" Aqua asked her.

"Oh nothing," Mayganne replied.

"You don't think I will do it, do you?" Aqua said. "You don't think I could ask him out to see Veronica Mars."

"Oh, it wasn't that..." Mayganne started but couldn't finish when Aqua stomped off.

For some reason the staff room at the Hubert H. Humphrey Secondary School was quiet. Mayganne knew she shouldn't have laughed but the imagery of an animated hamster moving around in Aqua's head made her chuckle. Somehow that seemed fitting.

A student was approaching Aqua as she stormed down the corridor; he thought better of asking her a question, seeing that Ms. Marine seemed to be troubled by something, and steered clear.

Aqua went into the staff washroom and slammed her fist into the wall, then she gathered her composure and walked to the sink. 

She cooled her jets in the staff washroom, splashing water on her face and taking deep breaths. Aqua didn't really know why she had become a substitute teacher in the first place, when she was dealing with anger issues. She thought that she had it under control but every now and then a word or something said would get to her.

She felt much calmer and cooler with the sound of running water from the tap.

"I got this," she said.