Current Transmissions:


Gone Baby Gone

He felt like it was a dismal hangover, his eyes fighting to stay closed from the light for fear of it burning out the pupils.

"Yo, buddy," a voice said. "You still alive?"

"I think so," Goner replied. He sat up and felt a wave of dizziness hit him again. "I don't know for how long, though."

"You look like shit, dude," the voice stated.

"Tell me something I don't know," Goner replied. The world around him was a bright white blur, as if the sun went supernova and rays were bleaching everything in sight. It also reminded him of a comic book maxi-series that DC comics put out in the 1980's. Crisis on Infinite Earths.

He was in a field, his bike lying about 33 feet away from him.

"Man, that was some crazy ass jump," the voice said. Goner located where the voice originated from to see a young kid on a bike beside him. The name dawned on him: it was Stevie.

"Ya, think?" Goner said. He finally got his bearings and realized that he was getting to old for this kind of stuff. He checked to see if anything was broken or any bones were sticking out of the skin and he was glad that everything seemed to be in check.

He went over to the bike, saw that it was sort of scuffed up but okay, and picked it up again. He had to take it to the shop for another tune-up, but realized the shop was a few miles away. It was going to be a long walk home.

"That was a crazy ass jump," Stevie said again. He approached Goner with his right hand in the air to summon a high five.

"Yeah," Goner said. "It was."