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It's Washington Day

It seemed so cliche, like right out of the freakin' movies.

Dexter was hunkered down by his car, his service revolver in his hands as he waited for the hail of bullets to stop chewing up the car. Little shards of glass fell down upon him like rain on a summer's day as the window gave way.

"This freakin' sucks," he muttered. "Frakkin' pussbucket."

"You don't have to tell me," his partner Stone said. "You think you would know better than to hit the streets after even hinting about taking a retirement. That's just tempting fate."

Dexter brushed broken shards off his shoulder. For a moment there he felt alive knowing that death was just around the corner. It made him think of a situation he was in 15 years ago; he cracked a bittersweet smile upon remembrance.

"Glad to see that you're having some fun," Stone cracked at him. He had noticed Dex's expression; it was the first time in a long time that he had seen a genuine smile on that mug of his.

"Actually," Dexter replied, reloading bullets into his gun, "just realized that my old partner had said something similar many moons ago."

Stone was a good man; he had trained him well over the years. Dex had taken him on as a partner when his original one, Ness, was shot during a botched robbery 15 years ago. Dexter was meeting up with him at this shitty chinese diner that Ness liked to eat at. He didn't care about the food but the place made him feel good, is what Ness always said. And Dexter thought it was kind of weird since he always felt good eating there too.

It seemed that some thugs where shaking down the neighbourhood for protection money and decided to visit on the day that Dexter and Ness were taking a break. Dexter had been waiting for Ness to show up when the thugs came in and started threatening the little owner of the establishment. Dexter flashed his badge and the next thing he knew was that bullets were in the freakin' forecast of the day. Ness showed up a few minutes later and caught one.

In the end the street gang was taken down, but not before they had popped a young kid as well. Some poor homeless kid with a skateboard had taken two shots to the chest. If only Dexter reacted sooner maybe this kid would still be alive. 

Remembering that poor street kid now melted away that bittersweet smile.

The week after the restaurant shooting Dexter had transferred out of homicide, after witnessing so much death on that day, and into the Missing Persons Unit. There he was partnered with rookie cop, Stone. They had been working cases over the years and just this morning he had been joking about maybe taking an "early retirement".  Then a tip came in on a young lady that had disappeared over a decade ago; she had been spotted at a shelter downtown.

They went down to have a look-see, passing around her picture when someone told them that they had seen her enter an abandoned brownstone just two blocks away. They were making a routine check when bullets began to rain down upon them, making them scamper back to the safety of their car...