Current Transmissions:


Magenta Is The New Blue

Her eyes fluttered opened, much like a butterfly when it spreads its wings. She heard the echoing rumbling through the hallways but she couldn't quite pinpoint where she was at. She deduced it was at a hospital, but by the smell of things she was certain that she was in a morgue.

"The body is in there," someone said.

"Just the one?" another asked.

"Yes, sir," the first person replied. "Are you expecting more?"

"No," the other said. "Just by the sounds of the discovery it seemed there should be more."

She swung her feet off the slab and sat up; she had been dead a few times before. She didn't know what iteration she was at now.

"They found her in a cornfield," the first voice said. "Naked and covered in a substance."

"Well," she whispered. "Where did you bring me into now, Max?"