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A Folded Comic

It was mid-morning when he stepped out of the diner. He had quenched the pangs in his stomach. A burger, some fries and a cola to wash it down. It was pure heaven to eat them, his taste-buds had tingled with delight.

"Excuse me, sir," a young lad said as he approached him.

"Yes," Max replied.

"Can I have your autograph?" the kid asked holding up a comic book and a sharpie.

Max looked at the comic book and a wave of nausea hit him. The cover depicted him with two guns blazing and he seemed to be flying through the air, firing at shadowy demons while a beautiful angelic woman hovered higher with a glowing katana in her hands.

He took the comic book from the kid and unfolded it and read the title, Your Moment of Max Cube! Below that read:

"Can The Professor Save Him Now... or Is Max A Lost Cause?"