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A Case Of The Kindas

Max sat in the pub sipping a Newcastle Brown. He had the urge to smoke but couldn't remember if he had ever smoked or not and that was starting to bother him. He glanced around the pub and saw faces that he knew the names of but he couldn't remember how he knew them.

There were events that had happened in the past few days that didn't make sense to him. Since he woke up, and it was eating away at him like rust on a car.

Derek, the bartender, was pouring some drinks and noticed the perplexed look on his face.

"Looks like you got the 'kindas'," Derek said to him.

"Kindas?" Max asked.

"Like you kinda forgot something and are trying to remember what it is," Derek chuckled. "A grocery list, a doctors appointment, those kind of things."