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All Dressed Up And No Where To Go

She glanced at herself in the mirror, admiring the clothes she had on. Black leather pants, a black cropped tank top and a red leather long jacket over it. She also had on knee high boots; Uggs was what they where called. So now she was dressed and ready to go, though she had no idea where to go.

She turned to the woman on the slab and tapped her toes and said, "Sorry, sister. I need these more than you do now."

Maggie walked out the door and bumped into one of the coroners. The fellow looked at her in shock, a microsecond of fear in his eyes but then quickly composed because the dead don't usually get up and dress themselves. She figured it must have been one of his deepest darkest fears.

"Excuse me, ma'am," the fellow asked. "What are you doing here?"

"I got turned around in this place," she said shyly. She then added, "I wanted to see the angel."

"You get out of here now, and pay no attention to the rumours, Missy," the fellow told her. "If I ever see you down here again I will call security."

Maggie turned away and smiled a warm smile; she walked down the hallway at a brisk pace before the coroner discovered a body missing.