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A Cool Refreshing Drink

His watched chimed at him again; Max glanced down and noticed the time was 2pm. Break time. He got up from the desk and walked to the water cooler where several others where standing around, holding plastic cone cups and jabbering about whatever they talked about around a cooler.

"... a meteorite landed outside of the city..."

"... did you catch the news about the body missing from the morgue..."

"... someone stole a bunch of watches from a S-Store..."

Max grabbed a cup and poured himself a drink. Sipping the heavenly liquid, the water danced over his taste buds making them feel alive. He was questioning his sensations.

"Yo, Maxie," Chan said. "Wassup with that?"

"Huh?" Max questioned.

"The whole body quivering when you drink or taste something - it's like you are tasting things for the very first time," Chan told him. "It reminds me of my niece when she tastes a different brand of baby food."

Max felt he was looking down a long dark tunnel; he took a glance at the cup and then back at Chan again and then back at the cup. He didn't know what to say so he quaffed the water.