Current Transmissions:


Ticking Away, Tocking Away

Maggie was sitting at the counter, her fingers dancing across the invisible keyboard in front of the monitor. It didn't take her to long to figure it out. The sensors on the monitor knew what she was typing.

She scanned the newsheets looking for a tidbit of information, gaining what she could from where she was but still not a hint of Max anywhere to be found.

"Maybe, he's mindlocked," a voice chimed in from the bluetooth-like device in her ear.

"Could explain a lot," she replied. She reached for a diet cola and took a sip. "This is really strange. Like fish out of the water strange."

"Care to tell?" the voice asked.

Maggie looked at the dozens of watches on her arm, checking the time on each were about a minute off. "In another forty or so minutes."

"Jesus, Mags," the voice stated. "You're not going to go full Doc Brown on me now are ya?"