Current Transmissions:


Falling Into

The deck lurched and Vlad casually adjusted his posture to avoid slipping. Torvel cranked the wheel and the Nexus Wave evened out. The space around them was exploding in rainbow colours and glittering eruptions. The Vlaniqk fleet was deploying their dreaded Thaumotropic weapons. The arcane energy was tearing apart the vessels of the Citadel fleet, warping the very ether itself and shredding the nearby ships that sailed on its currents. A number of crimson Vlaniqk ships were themselves destroyed in the surge; everything was at stake in this battle and everything had to be risked. 

And so the Nexus Wave was sailing directly into the churning storm of magic, towards Vixx's flagship. Vlad held the gemstone in his hand and could feel the warmth flow from it, like a wind. The Breath of Ranadunn. When the Guard began planning this final strike against the enemies of Citadel, they knew of Vixx's discovery of the Thaumatropics. They knew few powers in all the worlds could withstand them. The divine protective magic bound inside the gem, the ancient spirit of an ancient goddess, had been only a legend. Vlad had volunteered immediately to seek it out. The blood of the dragon who had guarded it still stained Vlad's mighty sword - as a tribute to the gem's guardian the barbarian warrior swore he would only wash it clean with the blood of Vixx himself. 

Shielded in the Breath of Ranadunn, the ship sailed through the strands of toxic energy, weaving over and under enemy battlecraft. Vlad kept his eyes focused on Vixx's massive cruiser ahead. First though... 

Chem patted the Golem's huge steel leg. He called up to Dakk as the armour-suit sealed around him and the gems inside the helmet began synchronizing with Dakk's mind. "Grab them and get them out of this mess!" 

"Will do," Dakk said softly inside the Golem. The first three gems, for sight, for sound, and for warnings, were active. And then, thanks to Stryker's discovery, the fourth gem awoke as well. Dakk smiled. "Let's go, Bekki," he said, and piloted the Golem over the
edge of the ship.