Current Transmissions:


Cry Havoc

Serisia stood in the control room overlooking the scene. Her hands were clasped behind her and hidden by her wings, which were folded over her like a cloak. 

Did I know this is how it would end? Did I sense it all those years ago, that night in Pleasuredome when I first met Chem? I was searching for something, and I found it... And now we could all lose everything...

"Your highness," Admiral Stryker said as he approached. He was dressed in the regal uniform, looking more of a magistrate than the commander he was. It was the second time in his life that he had worn this uniform. It only seemed appropriate to don it now. 

"Is everything set?" she asked as she turned. Then she looked him over and gave him a smile. 

"Yes, milady," Stryker replied as he held his composure. "Let's see this through to the end." 

"It's about time," Serisia replied, turning her attention to the battle unfolding.