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Questions Aske

Aske picked up his pace a little more as he walked through the halls. About him men were scurrying back and forth, grabbing armaments, reloading cannons, and taking the wounded to sickbay.

He stepped over one body and disappeared below. A battle was raging and all he had was the look of a gentlemen who was searching for a quiet place to have a spot of tea. 

"Sir?" a mage said as Aske entered a room. "We lost the scry. They must of done something to it." 

Aske frowned; he leaned forward and said, "Inform Vixx." 

"I thought I would leave that to you, Sir," the young wizard said with a hint of nervousness in his voice. 

"The commander would like to know," Aske said. "And the sooner the better so he can decide the next course of action." 

"Right away sir," the mage said. He got up and scampered out of the room. As soon as the mage left, Aske sealed the door shut and went to the cabinet. Bringing out a key.