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Morganfokker slid the open folder towards Adella Cube. Adella looked at it and her eyes widened in mock surprise with a hint of knowledge.

"When Mrs. Henricks asked Max to draw a picture of his home, this is what your son came up with."

She glanced at the picture that Max drew: it depicted a multi-coloured gateway shimmering in the mirror and Max had drawn himself looking in and what looked like to be millions of images of himself looking in other directions.

"Mrs. Cube..." Morganfokker began. 

"That's Ms.," she corrected. She glanced over at Max who was sitting there looking at his sneakers. She could see that he was ashamed, as if he was caught with his hands in the cookie jar. "Max's father disappeared a while back.

"Well, now I am beginning to understand why he is borderline EI," Morganfokker said. "I would like to see your son for more testing. Not that it's mandatory, strictly volunteer. I want to get deeper into his pysche."