Current Transmissions:


Go Your Own Way

Dexter frowned. "I think it's time that you told us who sent us here." 

The wind from the portals rippled Darius' trenchcoat. "He's right, boss. We should know."

Max nodded. He looked over at Maggie, sent to her I never wanted this to happen. 

She looked back at him with sad, tired eyes. I know, but it did.

The final chamber in the Temple of the Seven-Petaled Lotus looked like a vast hangar bay, all steel and starkness. Except for the seven portals, folding and swirling like rainbow liquid origami. 

"It was Control."

Wraith sneered. "Why should we trust-" 

Callan interjected. "Why should it matter? We're here, and this is the right thing to do."

Aqua, looking so young amongst the other warriors, asked, "But how do we know if it will work?" 

Maggie replied, her voice soft, "We don't, sweetie."

Dex sighed. "Fine. Let's do it." Wraith nodded. 

Max took a final pull from his cigarette. "There's likely to be fighting on the other side."

Wraith slipped her nunchakus from her belt. Dexter hefted his bat. Darius pulled his bible from his coat pocket. Aqua tightened the buckles on her gauntlets. Callan began summoning the Tiger energy within him. Maggie unsheathed her katana. She watched Max step on the butt, turn towards the bending pattern of light behind him. 

? she sent. Joy and Pain were still holstered. 

I'm tired of the guns he sent back, the thought weary. 

And they each stepped into a different portal.