Current Transmissions:



"No!" Max shouted, jumping over the fence and sprinting over to where Goner had fallen. 

The LEGACY cell team was waiting for someone to do exactly that and took the opportunity to fire.

Slugs nipped away at Max's heels, forcing him to dive for cover. Something that he didn't want to do. He crawled up beside a parked car and did a quick glance to see Goner still lying there in a pool of blood before several rounds of bullets forced him down.

"Bastards!" Max shouted. He stood up, bringing up his guns and ready to rain death on any LEGACY shirts he saw.

Frank broke cover when he saw Max. He came around a corner, barreling towards Max at full speed, hitting him and enveloping him like a football defensive line. Two bullets hit Frank in the chest, but that didn't stop him. 

"Sorry Max," Frank said as he rolled off and fired back several rounds to buy more seconds of distraction. Frank was a member of LEGACY at one time and knew some of the tactics. "He's already dead."