Current Transmissions:


The Egress Action

"It's raining," Frank said. "Damn, why does it have to be rain today."

"Maybe mother nature is at war?" Goner replied. He had his gun sitting on the dash as if it were a coffee cup cooling down. He was getting tired from all this waiting.

"You might have a point there," Frank noted. He rolled down the window and threw out the butt of a cigarette. Then rolled it back up again.

"So, all we have to do is wait for the signal?" Goner asked.

"Anytime soon," Frank answered after checking his watch. "He's running a little behind schedule."

They heard the sound of glass breaking and looked to see that Max had vacated the building through the easiest egress he could find. He was firing blindly behind him as well.

"That's our cue," Frank said as he switched from neutral to drive.