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Buried in the City Section...

Suki looked as Max sat down and slid a newspaper in front of her. The paper was folded to a certain page that made her look. Her eyes widened in shock as she saw herself looking back at her.

Her school photo looked up at her from the page. This time it wasn't just a Missing poster plastered on the bulletin board inside the foyer of a department store. Here it was in black and white and distributed amongst the city.


The feeling hit her hard and she was indeed shocked to see it. She didn't feel like crying, but a wave of nostalgia washed over her like a hurricane approaching shore.

Mags folded the paper over so the photo was hidden. With the slight hum of the air conditioner, it seemed it was the only noise in the diner for several long seconds.

"What do you want to do?" Max asked Suki.

"Nothing," Suki replied. "That's another lifetime ago."