Current Transmissions:


Say Goodbye, Major MoFo

Max poured on the speed; he heard someone hit the ground behind him. One of his pursuers had gotten his feet tangled up and mother nature brought him down. 

He ran until he felt a stitch in his side, and that's when he stopped. Max jumped over a fallen log and rolled close to it for cover.

He only had a few moments to wait until three men hurdled past. Max waited momentarily, waiting for his breath to catch up to him before deciding what next to do. 

"Where'd he go?" he heard one man shout.

"He's around here someplace," another replied. "Fan out." 

Max knew his options weren't too good and he was calculating his odds of success, when his eyes spotted something on the ground.

It was green and round. A grenade. One of the men had lost it when they hurdled the fallen log. Max smiled.